Frequently asked questions

They have a radial resistance of 140 kg/m2 and 17 kg per rhombus. The fall protection net endures that load as a whole, not if anyone climbs it. The endurance tests have been carried out at the National Institute of Industrial Technology in Argentina (INTI). The system has been certified by the company TÜV Rheinland.

They have a durability of 3 to 4 years according to the aging tests of the material. These tests expose the net and profiles to natural agents such as the sun, humidity, water, extreme cold and heat. There are other factors against which the net does not have any filters, such as corrosive agents and acids found in the air depending on the area where they are installed.

From this time on, we recommend the user to verify its state periodically. It will not deteriorate overnight and it is easy to detect well in advance if it has suffered any changes.

The fall protection net should remain installed until the children are 7-8 years old.

It is recommended even if the height is not too great. Frequently adults “show” behaviors that may be a risk for children, such as throwing objects with the intention of avoiding walking up and down the stairs.

Yes, the net should be stretched but without being rigid. It will in this way be more resistant when receiving a blow as it will have more elongation to soften it.

We do not recommend it. It may be gnawed by animals or it could be cut by the lawn mower. Chlorine can also be a corrosive agent that will deteriorate the net in a shorter period of time than the one registered in the tests.

Yes, it can be installed. Nevertheless, you will previously need to install a well anchored iron or aluminum structure.

No, our tests have always been carried out on a vertically installed net.

This net has not been designed for this purpose and therefore we do not recommend climbing or hanging from it.

All nylon nets can be cut or burnt with a sharp object, a cigarette or fire. The monofilament transparent net is made up of a discontinued mesh of rhombuses joined by heat-sealed double knots. This means that when cutting a certain point, the tear does not extend. It is very easy to repair it as you may see in this video.

Yes, it may be removed manually unfastening each rhombus from the hooks. It is a simple task for an adult but complicated for a child.

Not necessarily, installation is easy if you have the ability for home improvement. A correct installation is important in order to obtain the maximum effectiveness. Do not attempt to install the net without using the necessary safety equipment such as a harness.

The surface onto which the rails will be anchored should be in a good state, without any humidity or cracks that could weaken the material and fail to offer the necessary resistance.

Many customers use the net for this purpose. But if it is a pet that chews everything, the net could prove to be not resistant enough.

Yes, the net is effective in both cases.